Blue Baldy Joe descends from foundation bloodlines of Joe Hancock, Red Man and Blue Valentine. Blue Baldy Joe is double bred Blue Valentine and is 98% Foundation Bred. Our goal, specialty, and passion is producing the finest foundation bred Quarter Horses in the world. Conformation, disposition and train-ability are of first priority along with a solid pedigree and beautiful color. Producing Ranch, Rope, Family and Performance Horses. To produce these kinds of horses takes some pretty special mares.

2015 Pasture Shot
Blue Roan Colt and Black Filly 

Guys Lady Valentine Sire: Six Moons Guy Dam: Leos Blue Valentine (Daughter of Blue Baldy Joe) We are very excited about Martha as she is a Super Stakes Mare. More pictures of her coming soon!

Startin' Them Young!

Kyla at 3 Months old on Docs Heidi Ho

        Kyla at 2 years old on Docs Heidi Ho


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