Lauren, Scott & Chase Henderson

We couldn't be happier with our Prairie Blue Quarter Horse babies!
Blaze is our sassy redhead, and Diesel is our gentle sweetheart, but they are both smart, athletic and flashy. Good minded, and always respectful, people visiting our farm can't believe how quiet and well behaved they are as two year olds.
Our 21 month old son Chase is credited with "starting" both of them; they have been packing him around bareback since they were a year old. Diesel will get his official start this winter, while Blaze gets a little more time to grow, but I know big things are in store for both of these horses!
A huge thank you to PBQH for taking care to breed such sound minded, well built, sweet, stunning horses - the results are some truly great prospects for the horse industry!

Lauren, Scott and Chase Henderson of Edwin, Manitoba
Sorrel Filly: Sire: Blue Baldy Joe
                   Dam: Miss Kato Lobo
Blue Roan Gelding : Sire: Blue Baldy Joe
                                 Dam: Doc Top Hancock 

Chase and Diesel

Chase and Diesel

Henderson Family

Henderson Family

Billy and Cassandra VanLoon

" My Pacific Valentine (Go 2) is a great all around horse. There's nothing we can't do on this guy. He's real quiet and has been rode by kids since his first rides. I can go and rodeo on him, my wife can take him to a jackpot and rope in the lower numbered categories, and then my kids can go and ride around the rodeo grounds all in the same day. He understands the rider on his back and adjusts according to them. All these horses are the easiest starting colts I've ever had. If you do decide to purchase one they will go anyway you want from the barrel pen to roping pen to rodeo arena even just a ranch or pleasure horse. These horses are the real deal and worth every penny. We own 4 of them and won't go another way"

Billy VanLoon

My Pacific Valentine "G0 2"

My Pacific Valentine

Wilson and Go2 Winning Ponoka 2012

2011 Stud Colts Owned by VanLoon's